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Toph Bei Fong
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Individual concrit on Toph only. If you've got comments, complaints, etc. on how I play her leave them here. Alternatively, my AIM is metalbender pwns or feel free to send a message to my personal journal later_days if you'd rather do it that way.

All comments are screened. And don't worry about the IP address, I am too lazy and lack the knowledge to do anything with them.

Yes, I know I'm lazy for posting these now. Hush. :| I got busy and swamped with work and then I forgot until the last minute. Anyhoo, here's what you can have expected from my lot.

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Finally the day had come. The Masquerade was reportedly over and Jordan had promised he'd come. She was, understandably, a little nervous. Though she wasn't about to show it to anyone. Her adoptive brother had promised to bring her back home for a while so she could hopefully show them she was doing fine and could take care of herself. It definitely felt strange to have asked for this, but she felt deep down that this was something she had to do. Asking Katara to help her send a letter to them from her was all and good, but seeing them see that she really was alright would be better. Being able to see them with her own eyes too would be a first, something that also worked on her nerves slightly. But having a friend going with her seemed to help calm her down.

By this point, Toph was sitting just outside the house making different shapes out of her piece of space rock.

It's kind of weird how it's my birthday again already. I think I would've forgotten if someone hadn't been asking about birthdays. It doesn't feel any different being fourteen either.

And if any of you are thinking of doing anything for it, no surprise party. I'm serious.

Any questions, concerns, etc. can be directed here or to my AIM, metalbender pwns. Anonymous is on, but any comments along the lines of "post more" will be ignored. Multiple muses are time-consuming and I try to get them all out from time to time (so I ask that you bear with me on that aspect).

Muses in question are as follows:

Aikka: bluebeetlerider
Toph: bendsmetal
Haku: iliveforzabuza
Mimi: sincereprincess
Tsunade: passthesake
Jiraiya: peeping_toad
Karin: iwantsauce
Motoko: majorhacker
Naomi: myrayeoflight
Lulu: blizzara_fury

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I list the characters I play with their journals. You ask questions, on your IC journal or OOC journal, it doesn't matter. They answer IC. Okay? Okay. It can be about their username, what their favorite food is...whatever your mind can come up with.

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Toph got a ride from Jack Frost this time, Jordan having apparently lost his mind and then going AWOL, in order to see her sister again. She had him drop her off by the door and knocked on it herself.

"Eva?" she called. "You there?"

What the hell have I turned into?!

((Post-wedding battle and whatnot.))

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Oh Ramza, I think there's something you forgot to mention to me.

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Hey Eva! Think you could provide a translation for whatever your boyfriend's saying here?

Somehow I remembered that Rick guy calling you little mouse and I know you've talked about ravens or crows in the past.... I really wish I could remember what you were telling me about.

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